Health Care Packaging

(Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical & Hygiene products)

Health Care Packaging, offers the most technologically advanced 9, 7, 5 layers PA/EVOH based high barrier Co-ex film for medical packaging. Acting as the ideal barrier against oxygen and moisture, these films are made from a combination of many different materials to produce structures that enhance performance and offer great protection and safety.

The wide product range that Plastissimo Film offers for healthcare products includes thermoforming films, Lidding films, pouches, high barrier film, vacuum pouch pack, barrier liner, over-wrap film, high barrier film for lami-tube and sandwich laminates with high barrier film.

Product Features

With 9,7,5 layer high barrier and 3 layer barrier films, Plastissimo Film delivers most advanced solutions. Our production is highly organized and we constantly stay abreast with technological changes the world over to bring out the best innovations.

Here’s why Plastissimo is the best choice when it comes to high barrier flexible packaging used for liquid, semi liquid & solid packaging for food & non-food applications for consumer/industrial usage.

Barrier: moisture, gas, aroma

  • Extremely strong gas and moisture barrier properties
  • outstanding oxygen and moisture barrier properties, for freshness throughout the supply chain and storage
  • Possibility of customized design for specific applications
  • Locks in aroma and modified atmosphere characteristic
  • Protect sensitive food vitamin content
  • Maintain flavor and quality


Optical: clarity, gloss, haze

  • Provide excellent transparency
  • Strong barrier films act against Foil and act as a transparent clear Foil structure


Seal ability: temperature, strength, hot tack, peel ability, thermoform ability, Chemical resistance

  • Excellent forming, heat seal ability properties and easier to peel off
  • Provide Excellent hot tack, seal properties & Antilog
  • Retains strength at freezing temperatures
  • Higher temperature tolerance (-30ºC to 200ºC)
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • High Chemical resistance capability


Mechanical: tensile, puncture, impact, flex crack, printing

  • Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness - cost efficiency
  • Higher burst strength and puncture resistance
  • Low leak rate and high filling rate
  • Excellent  for printability and   laminating


FDA/EU food grade compliance

Raw materials used in the production meet the American FDA and European EU food regulations