Quality Control

In today’s world, packaging plays a very integral role in our lives. And as packaging deals with mostly food items meant for consumption, it is essential to guarantee hygiene and ensure the long life of products that are packaged. Vishakha very well understands the importance of the above fact and gives utmost importance to maintaining quality of its packaging products.

Plastissimo Film\strongly believes that quality is the foremost attributes that can make a company progress in the long run. Hence, new polymer developments are constantly introduced and products are made stronger and better. Advanced production technology ensures that packaging materials are designed to meet, or exceed, customer requirements.

The company has a state-of-the-art quality control division that are well equipped with testing equipment. Research and development is an everyday process and providing all-round services for the customers is also one of the biggest priorities.

Our company meets the stringent international standards, and we have been certified by  
ISO 9001:2015. The barriers films produced by us are exceptionally strong against any external influence and undesirable effects.

  • Our raw materials are approved by FDA, EU food regulation etc
  • We have a strong team of technical experts
  • We excel in custom resin blending and raw material handling techniques

An array of field service technicians is ever-ready for support
Plant running with Positive pressure system to Control the inside atmosphere and protect from out side Dust. Maintaining the plant’s Hygiene.