Industrial Packaging

Plastissimo Film excels in Industrial Packaging applications too.  Offering  9, 7, 5, 3 layer CO-extruded films is ideal for a very diverse range of industrial packaging applications – both food and non-food – in all form, be it liquid, semi liquid or dry. With up to 9 layer barrier films, the company is ready to meet the customers’ demand with great ease and efficiency.

Not only are these packaging solution better in terms of protection of goods against oxygen, moisture, dirt and insect, they are also loaded with advantages like being puncture-resistant, having strong mechanical strength, suitable for long storage and extremely viable for logistics. In addition, they also prove to be very superior as well as economical in comparison to the conventional aluminum foil based laminated structure. These films are aesthetically attractive and have superior tamper-proof and leak-free seals. Water-proofing ability, higher temperature tolerance (-30ºC to 200ºC), great resistance to oil and solvents, compatibility with heat seal techniques and great aroma retention power are some other distinct advantages that these films enjoy.

Plastissimo Film’s extensive range of products is put to use in agriculture, agro products, construction material, adhesives, electronics, automotives, feeds & seeds and other industrial and consumer products and applications. It is also feasible for the company to design materials for functional surfaces or for sophisticated applications with enhanced barrier properties. These are durable, chemical-resistant structures that can easily withstand the most aggressive chemicals, fragrances and surfactants.