Flexibility and durability packed together

Plastissimo Film enjoys a great position in the market when it comes to offering a wide range of blown film, printing & pouch making facilities. It excels in manufacturing of 9, 7, 5, 3 layer co-extruded films for packaging solutions. The company’s products are very effective for liquid, semi liquid & solid packaging for food & non food application of consumer retail, as well as industrial applications.

Not only are plastissimo film products environmental-friendly, they are also extremely innovative and tailor-made too, if needed.

Plastissimo expertise

  • 9, 7, 5 (PA/EVOH  based) layer high barrier & 3 layer Blown Co-extruded film
  • Pouches & Bulk bags liner

Product Categories

Whatever be the industry that a client belongs to, Plastissimo ’s wide range of distinct products has a ready solution waiting for the client. When it comes to the area of packaging, sky is the limit for Plastissimo.

  • Vacuum Pouch –  MAP (Modified Atmosphere packaging) packaging pouches, Non-vacuum , Gas Flush Pouches
  • Bulk Bags Liner
  • Inner bulk liner
  • Thermoforming film
  • Top Lidding Film - Flow pack Films
  • Vertical & Horizontal Form Fill and seal Films 
  • Lamination film – Barrier,  non barrier & Specialty film (Anti-Fog Films)
  • Shrink wraps film LD/LLDPE base