Thermo Forming

Thermo Forming, offers PA/EVOH based 9, 7, 5 layer Co-extruded Flexible barrier film for thermo forming. This packaging solution has excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. These forming films have a highly glossy appearance and superior aroma. Thermo is available with suitable for ‘easy peel’ property film and a wide range of thicknesses suitable for various drawing depths. These forming films ensure optimal performance with all other types of automatic thermoforming machines
Thermo films are ideal for a varied food and non-food products like soft/hard cheese & dairy product, meat, poultry, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits dried fruits & nuts, bakery products, ready meals (burger, pizza, eggs), chocolate bar & sweet welding rods, health care products, medical devises (syringes, surgical items) & much more.

Features and Benefits

·    Bulk packs for meat and cheese, for loss-free maturing and for storage purposes, sterile medical products also.
·    Has very strong mechanical properties, is puncture resistant and has less leakages
·    Retains strength at freezing temperatures
·    Available in a variety of oxygen transmission rates, which gives increased shelf life
·    Extremely high gas and moisture barrier properties
·    Possesses excellent optical properties for base forming films
·    You can get portion packs for self-service retail outlets, which give a very premium look, especially on supermarket shelves.